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Creative Holistic Alchemist

View my art and services. Creative insightful classes to promote well-being, boost confidence, and inspire your Best Self to SHINE!

Classes and Workshops        Onsite - Online

Melissa Masters 


" In my own life I have traversed challenges such as divorce, shyness, bankruptcy, cancer, anxiety, a severe concussion, PTSD, and depression... I have struggled with feeling lost, living decades in "survival" mode. Yet, I stayed afloat with tenacity, faith, and gratitude for everyday gifts. These experiences have led me to a greater spiritual awareness and sense of empowerment. Life is about relationships- to oneself, others, the animal/plant kingdoms, and our earth. As I evolve, I connect to life with deeper understanding, compassion, and positive regard." Melissa 

Melissa Masters, Ph.D., ATR

I am a professional artist, art therapist/holistic life coach, interfaith minister, angelic reiki master, and lightworker!


As a registered art therapist, I also hold a graduate degree in holistic life counseling, and several certificates in expressive arts therapy including person-centered expressive arts. It brings me great joy to share wisdom from my own life experiences, coupled  with the extraordinary power of using the art process to tap into one's inner resources. My passion for working with youth/teens and adults, privately and in groups is a humbling experience as we all learn and continue to grow in deep exploration together. 

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Creative Holistic Life Coaching/Art Therapy 


Private Sessions

In my private sessions with individuals I may offer art experiences that allow you to gain deeper insight into your inquiries and challenging issues. Examples can include- journaling, movement, drawing, or collage, with no artistic skills being necessary to reveal new, and often hidden subconscious discoveries. I specialize in helping specifically with teens and women with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and major life transitions. I prefer to use the word “coach” as it feels less triggering to people. Who would not want a coach to help them feel empowered, courageous, and confident in making optimal choices for their lives?

I am also a certified Angelic Reiki master and offer this adjunct service as well. Angelic Reiki is a pure, high frequency energy healing transmitted directly from the angelic realm. This powerful healing assists the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies of clients; and is administered either lying on a massage table or sitting in a chair. It is relaxing and there is little to no actual touch to the body when given. An intuitive message is often presented to the client that I receive during the session.

Contact me for a free consultation to see if I am a good fit for supporting you on your life journey!


Starting February 2024!
Be part of this transformational journey gaining personal insight about living harmoniously in all areas of your life- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 
Begin the year embracing your creative nature exploring a holistic lifestyle. 
We will use collage, drawing, movement, sound, writing, painting,
and other art-filled activities as we focus on weekly themes. Format is: Presentation/Creative Prompt, Art-Making, Reflective Writing, Sharing. No artistic skills necessary. Space Limited -
Held at my studio ARTspace in Sonoma, CA.
First and Third Wednesdays 6:30 - 8:30 (in person only)

Suggested Love Donation - $25.00 a session includes materials
To REGISTER - CALL (707) 975 - 8572

October 19th - 9:30 - 4:30 

A relaxing day of exploring different art media and creating art about YOU. No artistic skills necessary. Just bring your creative spirit and enjoy! 
Fee: $135.00 includes all materials, snacks, & healthy lunch.
Katherine Kirk and Melissa Masters - Person-Centered Expressive Arts  Facilitators  
Held at studio ARTspace in Sonoma, CA
More Details To Follow - Call (707) 975 -8572

Vocalist - September 8th,  I will be performing at Unity In Marin 10:00. 600 Palm Drive in Novato. 

My studio is open by appointment for viewing and art print purchases of paintings and my books.

ONGOING - Sonoma Goddess Moon Circle
Held near full or new moons monthly on Saturday evenings - 6:30 - 8:30. 
Healthy potluck share, Meditation, Moon rituals, Talking stick sharing, Oracle/Tarot learn and explore. Contact me if interested in joining us - social, fun, empowering!

My Creativity


As an artist...

I love to write poetry, personal essays, and motivational articles related to conscious living.

Earlier paintings focused on landscape. Presently, my work is more abstract, yet continues to be inspired by the elements of nature. Contact me for availability and pricing for art/giclee prints, or mural work.

My singing/songwriting tends to have a Celtic influence with uplifting lyrics that are of New Thought. I am available for local performances.

Visual Art



Masters, Melissa: Hunny-Bunny, A Little Book About Friendship, Regent Press, Berkeley, 2021  Available on Amazon


I Got MeMelissa Masters
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New Book - September, 2023  - The ART of LifeHolistic Creative-Based Lessons for Living (A Program Adaptable for Youth Elementary through High School Level)                                More Info at:
Available now on Amazon 


People Say...

"I am so dazzled and inspired by her gifts and the artful way she interacts with life." C. A.

"Melissa's kind and intuitive manner held a safe container that guided me expertly. I recommend her to anyone seeking clarity or healing of deep emotional blockages." C. E.

"These workshops helped me to meet my authentic self through heartfelt dialogue  and artistic expression. I leave every session feeling uplifted and empowered to take action in directing my life!" M. S.

"I enjoy these playful workshops! My self-esteem has really blossomed as a result in that I can now really say I love myself. I feel better able to make choices in my life by havng learned new coping skills. I understand how to change personal belief systems that made my life difficult." H.. G.

"Such a talented and beautiful person who brings out the best in everyone. She helped me see myself through her eyes and I am so grateful! Her workshops are educational and FUN! I have met some awesome new friends by participating in these classes too." J. R.

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely."




Contact Me (707) 975 - 8572

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